After the Pitch: How to Keep Investors Interested

Oct 04, 2023

Securing funding from investors is a crucial step in the journey of a startup. However, the fundraising process doesn't end with a pitch meeting. Follow-up is just as important as the initial meeting, and it's essential to maintain a positive relationship with potential investors. In this blog post, we will discuss how to follow-up after an investor meeting and increase your chances of securing funding.

  1. Send a thank-you note or email

Sending a thank-you note or email is a simple yet effective way to follow-up after a meeting. It's a polite gesture that shows your appreciation for the investor's time and attention. Make sure to personalize the note or email and mention specific points that were discussed during the meeting.

  1. Provide additional information

If an investor requests additional information during the meeting, make sure to provide it as soon as possible. This could include financial statements, business plans, or other relevant documents. Providing the requested information in a timely manner shows that you are organized and responsive, which can help build trust and confidence with investors.

  1. Follow-up on action items

If there were any action items discussed during the meeting, make sure to follow-up on them promptly. This could include scheduling a follow-up meeting, providing additional information, or making introductions to other potential investors. Following through on action items shows that you are reliable and committed to securing funding.

  1. Keep investors updated

Investors want to see that your business is making progress, so make sure to keep them updated on the progress of your business. This could include sending regular updates on revenue growth, milestones, or other key metrics. Keeping investors updated shows that you value their investment and that you are committed to the success of your business.

  1. Be persistent but respectful

Follow-up is important, but it's also important to be persistent but respectful. Don't be afraid to reach out to investors multiple times, but also be mindful of their time and schedule. If an investor doesn't respond to your emails or calls, don't take it personally. They may be busy, and it's important to be patient and persistent in your efforts.

  1. Maintain a positive relationship

Securing funding from investors is not just about the money. It's also about building a positive relationship with them. Make sure to maintain regular communication with investors and keep them updated on the progress of your business. This will help build trust and confidence, which can lead to additional funding in the future.

In conclusion, follow-up is an important part of the fundraising process for startups. By sending a thank-you note or email, providing additional information, following through on action items, keeping investors updated, being persistent but respectful, and maintaining a positive relationship, you can increase your chances of securing funding. Remember that fundraising is a process and it's important to be persistent and continue building relationships with potential investors.

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